Why Paper Planners Are The Best

Why Paper Planners Are The Best

We are faced with so many kinds of digital planners, from Google Calendar to the plethora of to-do list apps, and I’ll be the first to say that I LOVE to use them.

But there are also reasons why paper planners still completely #rockmysocks, and I’m here to tell you exactly why today.

Stick with paper planners and reap the rewards. Don't put your to-do at risk with that iffy digital copy on your phone.

Writing things down helps you remember them

Even though typing may be a bit easier, we tend to ‘set it and forget it’, and actually writing something down with pen and paper will make it stick in your mind. This has been proven by studies time and time again, and I can tell you that’s true from personal experience.

Paper planners are safer than digital options

Even the biggest company can be hacked, but your paper planner is hack-proof.

When your planner contains your entire life, from your biggest personal goals to the details of your daily life, the last thing you want to happen is for a hacker to have all this information. The only way to make sure your planner is safe? Taking it off the grid and onto paper.

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They have unlimited flexibility

This is one of the biggest plus points. So many times I have downloaded a productivity app only to fall off the bandwagon a few days later because it was missing ONE feature. With a paper planner, everything is fully customizable, and you can make it truly work for you, right down to the little details.

They never run out of battery

Unlike with your phone, you NEVER have to worry about your paper planner crashing on you. It will never accidentally delete something, fail to save that important reminder, or run out of battery when you need it most.

When your planner is the roadmap to your day, you want to know that it will be there for you 24/7.

There are fewer distractions

The thing about having your planner on your phone is that you also use it for so many other things. As you’re planning your day, notifications will come in, Facebook is just a click away, and are all those pretty Instagram photos…

With a paper planner, that just won’t happen. Your planner is your space, where your schedules, goals, plans, and tasks go, and it’s worth having a space dedicated to that.

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Paper planners are just plain more fun

I love Google Calendar as much as the next tech-geek, but let’s face it: not much about it is fun.

A paper planner, on the other hand, can be home to your brainstorming, doodles, and so much more. A planner is a very personal thing, and your personality can shine through when you weave it into your planner.

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Alicia is the founder of Alicia Grace Co, where she designs printable planners that enable women to achieve their goals with productivity, planning, and time management tools. She has a Law degree from the University of Cambridge and enjoys engaging with goal-getters, especially creative entrepreneurs. In her free time, she is either digging into a good book, food hunting, or snuggling with her very fluffy puppy. Download her free Set Actionable Goals workbook today.

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Stick with paper planners and reap the rewards. Don't put your to-do at risk with that iffy digital copy on your phone.

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