Anxiety has the potential to ruin someone’s life, no matter the form of anxiety. Did you know that a large number of people with the disorder will not be diagnosed with anxiety? Diagnosis is a difficult task, and anxiety often holds symptoms that are similar or parallel to other mental illnesses. This makes it hard for someone to be diagnosed with anxiety.

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I’m not talking about the usual worries or stress related to common life-struggles. Anxiety is more than worry, stress, or fear. You will not be diagnosed with anxiety if you occasionally have a bad day because you are more stressed than usual, or are worried about upcoming events in your life. Anxiety is more than that. The constant, nagging fear that something horrible is going to happen. It’s the string of escalating possibilities in your mind that seem to never end, the what-ifs that turn into dread and debilitating fear. This is anxiety. Anxiety can present itself around a number of circumstances and in a number of different ways. Which is why it’s unlikely that two people who are diagnosed with anxiety will have the same experiences and symptoms.

The One Book You Need to Read if You or A Loved One Are Diagnosed with Anxiety

I was recently given the opportunity to read On Edge: A Journey Through Anxiety by Andrea Petersen, and the book definitely resonated with me. Having anxiety, it is tough to think that there are others struggling as much as you are. And it’s more difficult to realize that you may not connect fully with someone else’s experiences, even if diagnosed with anxiety in the same form.

Petersen has done an excellent job of incorporating up to date facts and personal experience into one easy-to-read work of art. No seriously, it’s a work of art. She seamlessly moves from a personal story to detailed facts and back. I have yet to read a non-fiction work quite like it. While it’s packed full of information, it’s given in a way that you relate to her story and can understand what led her to that information, or why it fits within the paragraphs of her own experiences.

I would have to say that this book is best suited for people in their 20’s and over because of the extent of data that she does offer in the book. It would be best understood by individuals above this age range. That isn’t to say that someone in high school who’s been diagnosed with anxiety can’t benefit from reading On Edge because they definitely could. But the depth of information offered on the topic of anxiety is incredible.

Summary of On Edge: A Journey Through Anxiety

Andrea Petersen has given a remarkable look into her life, and how she came to be diagnosed with anxiety. Walking you through the first experiences with anxiety all the way to her life today. She has definitely put her heart and soul into this book.

For anyone looking to gain a better understanding of anxiety and what a diagnosis of anxiety may mean for some people, On Edge is a great place to turn. She offers information into every aspect of anxiety and what led to her being diagnosed with anxiety. She also offers information into treatments available, and even circumstantial experiences that seem to point certain individuals to developing anxiety.

It was incredible, I have done so much research of my own into mental illnesses, but Petersen has gone above and beyond anything I could have expected.


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The problem with anxiety is that it can show up in many different forms. Andrea Petersen has uncovered a wealth of knowledge on all things anxiety and she easily lays them out for you in this book. Click to read my book review.

What Can You Learn From On Edge: A Journey Through Anxiety

Andrea Petersen offers great lessons for anyone diagnosed with anxiety or that knows someone who has been diagnosed with anxiety. As she walks you through her personal journey with anxiety, she shows you how she’s overcome anxiety. Because she gives you personal stories, different struggles for different points of her life offer up some great knowledge. And she shares all of it with her readers effectively. Here are 5 things you’ll learn from reading On Edge: A Journey Through Anxiety:


Petersen’s Personal Journey to Diagnosis

Andrea walks you through her first run-ins with anxiety and shows you how deeply affected her life becomes on her journey. She also does a great job incorporating the different treatment methods she encounters and data and statistics into those treatment options.

Past and Future Treatments for Anxiety

In On Edge, Petersen talks about different treatments that have been used in the past for treating anxiety disorders, including some questionable treatments from before mental health treatment was main stream. She also touches on some upcoming treatment possibilities and how scientists are testing those treatments.

Possible Biological Origins of Anxiety Disorders

Many times, a mental illness has biological factors that increase an individual’s risk of developing certain disorders. Petersen tells you the chilling story of her family history with mental illness, but she also offers some facts about the factors that increase risk.

Possible Circumstantial Origins of Anxiety Disorders

Have you ever wondered how someone from a seemingly normal upbringing develops anxiety disorders or other mental illnesses? Petersen introduces research into the difference between boys and girls and how upbringing may be affecting the risk of developing anxiety.

The Difficulty of Finding an Appropriate Treatment Method

Anxiety treatment looks different for most people diagnosed with anxiety. Petersen is no different. As she fills your mind with helpful information and her own personal experience, she walks you through the many different treatment options she’s dragged through on her journey.


Have you been diagnosed with anxiety? Do you know someone who’s been diagnosed with anxiety? What books have you read that were helpful in your treatment or search for treatment?

The problem with anxiety is that it can show up in many different forms. Andrea Petersen has uncovered a wealth of knowledge on all things anxiety and she easily lays them out for you in this book. Click to read my book review.

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