These Moms Are Sharing Their Top 5 Favorite Products

These Moms Are Sharing Their Top 5 Favorite Products

When it comes to parenting, we all have certain products that we just stick to no matter what. Whether it’s a certain children’s soap, a favorite hand soap, your favorite diapers or pull-ups, whatever it is. As a mom, you become accustomed to having certain things on hand at all times.

I recently had the chance to ask four lovely mamas what items they cannot live without. I’m so glad I’ve gotten the chance to work with them and I’m excited to share their favorite products with you. Maybe you’ll even find something that becomes your go-to product too!

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We all have at least one thing we can't live without. These moms dished their top five must-have products. Can you guess what they are?


Inez from For the Love of Mom


Inez @ For The Love of Mom

Inez is a mom, blogger & social media strategist. When she’s not busy chasing her toddler son, she’s busy chasing her dreams… or great finds in Target’s dollar spot! Inez is also the owner of the Mom Bloggers Tribe, a Facebook support community for mom bloggers. Read more of Inez’ work at For the Love of Mom. You can also connect with her on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.


Inez’ Top 5 Products

  1. QuickZip Sheets

    “This is the most genius idea ever if you ask me. I will never use fitted sheets again. In fact, I recently stayed at a friend’s house and literally dreaded the end of the week when I would have to change the sheets. This is how spoiled I am now! Seriously, best ever. (If you’ve never heard of QuickZip sheets, they are a two-part fitted sheet. The base part stays put forever and the top zips on and off for SUPER easy and fast changing.)”
  2. Crunchy Mama Bear Sunscreen

    “I am really into using natural products, especially when it comes to my sons. I tried several natural sunscreens and found most to be way too heavy and hard to rub in. This stuff is awesome!”
  3. Essential Oils

    “Almost every hygiene or cleaning product I use has at least one essential oil in it. I make my own face wash, anti-aging moisturizer, hand sanitizer, eczema cream for my son and glass cleaner. All of them are made with essential oils!”
  4. Mellissa & Doug Toys

    “I am a BIG fan of Melissa & dough toys. Right now, my son is really enjoying their puzzles.”

    Melissa and Doug

  5. Take & Toss Cups

    “I had the worst time every trying to find a decent cup for my son. I eventually gave up, bought some Take & Toss cups and called it a day.”

Inez has some awesome products that she loves. I’ve used the Take & Toss cups myself, and they are so worth the value. I used to keep a couple in my car in case we had a long shopping trip and the littles got thirsty. The best part is, they are disposable but you can reuse them. I also use essential oils regularly, although I only currently use them in my diffuser. Keep reading! 3 more mamas are sharing their faves too!


Aryn from With Cream & Sugar


Aryn @ With Cream & Sugar

Aryn is a Certified Lactation Consultant and mama bear to Kallen and Cora. She shares her musings on motherhood as an after bedtime blogger at With Cream and Sugar. She’s a self-proclaimed “chewy” mom, loves breastfeeding, babywearing, and cloth diapering. She is passionate about supporting women on their journey through motherhood and helping them find their village. You can connect with her on Facebook & Twitter.


Aryn’s Top 5 Products

  1. Rumina Pump & Nurse Bra

    “As the mom of a 10-month-old & a busy 3-year-old, sometimes hands-free pumping is a must!”
  2. Beco Soliel Carrier

    “Babywearing is the only way I get things done some (most) days.”
  3. Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack

    “Perfect size for 2 kids, it has a built in changing pad which always comes in handy & I really like that I can wear it as a backpack or crossbody.”
  4. Motherlove Diaper Balm

    “My kids have sensitive bums & this keeps them rash-free. It also  makes an amazing lip balm in a pinch.”
  5. Neat Cheeks

“Both of my kids love cleaning up with these “yummy” wipes.”

Aryn’s products are perfect for the new mom or first-time mom. I’m definitely loving the Neat Cheeks wipes, they’re flavored! What?!?!? My kids would get a kick out of that. My youngest always has a messy face.


Candice of Mom in Motion

Candice @ Mom in Motion

Candice is editor-in-chief for WriteMom, LLC and “mommy blogger” at Mom in Motion. She is a triathlete & mother of 4 children, all under 4! (Whoa!) You can connect with Candice on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, & Twitter.

Candice’s Top 5 Products

  1. doTERRA Essential Oils

    “I use Lavender & Lemon in my diffuser. These oils, when combined, activate your brain so that you are both uplifted & energized.”
  2. Google Home

    “I love being able to bark orders at someone (ok, “something”) who will actually listen to me the first time! I am in the habit of using our Google Home for everything from calculating measurement conversions to setting an alarm to playing music.”
  3. Recyclable plates & utensils

    “I have 4 children age 4 & under, ain’t nobody got time to be washing all these damn dishes.”
  4. Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes

    “If it’s gentle enough for my baby’s booty then it’s gentle enough for my face when I’ve got mascara from yesterday (ok, two days ago) smeared on my cheeks.”
  5. Toms of Maine Wicked Fresh! Mouthwash

“I think it’s generally accepted that your personal hygiene somewhat decliens while your children are very small but I can’t go about my daily tasks if my mouth tastes like a dirty sock. Since it’s hands-free to clean my mouth, I can do it while multi-tasking (Example: This morning I was breastfeeding my 8-month-old while trimming his nails AND using mouthwash. Can’t lie – I felt like a rockstar in that moment.)”

I love her honesty and personality. She’s definitely got some realistic must-have daily products for mommyhood. Candice, you’re not alone. I’m a disposable dish mom myself, dishes are THE LAST thing I want to worry about.


Kendra of Mrs. Doing My Best


Kendra @ Mrs. Doing My Best

Kendra is a self-admitted perfectionist doing her best EVERY day. She’s obsessed with efficiency, organization & her family (not in that order). In the evenings (or late mornings), she enjoys sitting back and enjoying a glass (or bottle) of wine. She runs Mrs. Doing My Best and you can connect with her via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest.


Kendra’s Top 5 Products

  1. Kid-Friendly Ikea Dishes

    “We use these kid-friendly dishes (everything except the flatware) every day! They are the perfect size, clean up easily (dishwasher friendly), and can be used in the microwave.”
  2. Roku Streaming Media Player

    “We ditched cable TV (huge savings) and stream everything. Roku is easy for the kids to use and PBS kids is FREE. Hello Daniel Tiger 🙂 Plus, I can stream workouts on YouTube!”
  3. Contigo Water Bottles

    “We love Contigo water bottles for adults & kids. You can find them at Costco too (multi-pack of 3)! We use them at home, on the go, at work, & at school!”
  4. My Toaster Oven

    “I talk about it all the time…but my toaster oven in AMAZING! I use it EVERYDAY. Saves time & energy – win for everyone.”
  5. Wine!

“Now that all of the practical stuff is out of the way…”

I’m loving those water bottles and the Ikea dishes. We have a Roku player and a Roku-powered smart TV in our house, it is such a great thing to have because I don’t have to pay for the extra kid’s channels or movie channels. They use the Amazon Prime Video to watch movies and Netflix or network apps for their shows. It is a life-saver.


I’ve truly enjoyed getting to know these ladies a bit more and hopefully, you’ve found your next have-to-have product! Have any suggestions for us?!? Don’t wait, let me know!


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