Time Management Tips To Ease Being a Student Mom

Time Management Tips To Ease Being a Student Mom

Time management is so important when it comes to being a successful student and mother. It’s even more important if you also have a regular part- or full-time job. Being a mom is never an easy job. It is easy to lose track of time once you start doing chores, keeping the kids happy and fed, shopping, paying bills, and so on. The list is much longer, trust me I know.

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When it comes to schooling, time management is the number one factor in succeeding at reaching your target grades. As a long-term student, I have learned quite a few time management tricks when it comes to raising children and my grades. The tricks range anywhere from easy prep meals all the way to study guides and note-taking.

Don’t be fooled, I don’t think anyone can manage their time perfectly. If that were the case, I wouldn’t be writing this. I’d be finding that person and getting their method. I have some trusted and tested methods that I use regularly. But I also reached out to a wonderful community of ladies on Facebook. The ladies in the group Women in College Support Group are so helpful. They are always willing to give you a hand, especially when it comes to second-guessing your decision to go to school. Keep reading to find out what methods have been the most suggested!

Meal Planning

This is a huge one. I use this myself, and it was also a suggestion. Every Saturday evening, I sit down with my 7-year-old. We figure out what we have to make meals and what we’d like to eat for the week. Together we create our “menu.” I even have an adorable board that we keep track on. From there I can create a shopping list catered to our food needs for the week. Doing this also helps us cut costs, for those of you looking to budget.

If you are just starting to meal plan or what more information you can check out my post How to Use Meal Planning to Save You Money and sign up for my newsletter to get my handy Meal Planning Printable.

Scheduling & Using a Planner

I find the act of physically writing down an assignment, activity, important event, etc. to be the most helpful. It also helps me remember that I have something coming up, although quite often I forget what exactly it is, haha. I have, for the past year, been using the Bullet Journal system. I love it. Using this method gives me a creative outlet (great for taking time for me) but also allows me to include any pages that are necessary to my life.

But, I also have a desktop calendar, so that I can quickly write down appointments and assignments and have them right in front of me when I sit down to do my work. Using this also gives me a chance to break down my assignments based on the whole family’s schedule.

Study While They Sleep

This is easier said than done, but it’s something I use very often. I save homework and study time for bedtime. That is unless I’m just home with my 3-year-old. He is great at staying quiet and self-sufficient. I get it ladies, it can be hard to save study for night-time. You’re exhausted and a bubble bath sounds like the only thing you can bring yourself to do.

When it comes to time management, studying around your children’s schedules may be your best option. The best thing that works for me is to know what I have to do that night and make sure that bedtime will allow me enough of a timeframe to complete what I need to do. Otherwise, I break the project up further and keep them occupied and involved during the day.

Giving the Littles Activities

This is a cool one. Sit down at your kitchen table with the littles, give them a craft or project to work on. If you tell them that they’re doing something to help with YOUR homework, they might actually be excited. My littles hate doing anything for themselves, but are always more than happy to do something for somebody else.

When you sit down to study, give your kiddos some scrap paper, tell them you need pictures for a story and utilize the time that they are drawing to get some work done. This isn’t always an option, but don’t discount it as never an option. You never know when a tiny tip will give you a 15-minute boost on that big paper you have due tomorrow.

Getting a Jump on the Work Early

Okay, I get it. Accomplishing this is going to require you use the other tips mentioned above. But once you start, you’ll always be ahead! This can be an option if you’re given a syllabus at the beginning of the semester that outlines assignments coming up. This semester I didn’t get that from my instructors, but this is definitely a tool I have used in the past.

While studying online with The University of Phoenix, I was always given an assignment outline for all upcoming assignments. I wrote so many papers, it was a weekly task. I used the syllabi to get ahead on assignments. Then if there was a day that I knew I didn’t have time, I didn’t have to stress about an upcoming deadline.

Anytime I am given an assignment that has a far out due date, I take advantage of any extra time I may have to work on it early. I promise if you follow this tip you’ll thank yourself after you get that A.

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