Supercharged Summer Bucket List + Free Printable

Supercharged Summer Bucket List + Free Printable


Welcome to the first week of summer! School is out and you’re wondering what you’re going to do all summer. I can see it now, you’re wracking your brain trying to think of ways to keep those littles busy. Have you thought about creating a summer bucket list? Do you know what they want to do all summer? Do you have a list of super-simple summer boredom busters? Don’t worry I’ve got you covered!

Creating a summer bucket list gives you the chance to sit down and plan out activities that everyone will enjoy. No matter where you live, there really is a ton of stuff to do in the summer. But the question is, do you really want to spend a ton of money on summer fun? No, me neither. So that’s why we made our summer bucket list and a huge list of 100 absolutely free activities. There’s even some on the list for those rainy days. 

our summer bucket list

So I’m sitting there, two days before summer vacation starts, and I’m thinking about how I can keep these kids off of the screens and entertained. How in the world was I going to keep them busy for 3 whole months and not go completely broke? I’m not the biggest fan of tablets and tv so I definitely try to limit the boys time on these devices. But how do I keep them busy besides saying, “Go play with your toys.”? I started asking myself these questions.

What do I want to do all summer?

The answer definitely isn’t sit on the porch and watch them blow bubbles and play with chalk. But I know they like these things so I didn’t rule them out completely. But how could I make these mundane activities more fun?

Are there crafting ideas you’ve wanted to try?

We love crafts in my house. Love them! So I was also thinking of things we could make ourselves and use for continued fun.

Do they love nature and outdoorsy fun?

I know I do. My kids actually do too. I tried to have my son make his own summer bucket list and the first things he wrote were hiking and camping. Stole my heart. Those are definitely on the to-do list for the summer, and we’re actually going tent camping for a full week! What?! Yes, I am crazy. I know a 7 & 4-year-old are going to get bored. But I’ve got that covered too, keep your eyes open for a post about just that.

What do they want to do?

Not gonna lie, sometimes my kid’s imaginations are lacking. I got a list of 4 things (that they knew we already had planned) when I asked what they wanted to do all summer. Yeah, 4 things. Okay, so that’s one week of summer vacation done. “You’re the mama, you know what they like,” I said to myself. And that’s when I started the brainstorm session. I now have an awesome list of fun activities we can turn to all summer. I may even write them all on popsicle sticks and make it more interesting!

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Get the 100% list of 100 Summer Boredom Busters Now!


50 summer fun activities to beat the boredom

I really dug deep to come up with some of these. I’ve seen so many summer fun lists and they were obvious things like take a walk, blah blah. But I really wanted to give you more fun & creative ideas! Don’t forget to subscribe now to get the full list of 100 awesomely free summer activities. Plus, it’s printable so you can hang it on your fridge and pick an activity whenever boredom sets in!

  1. Shadow Drawing
  2. Create a “board game” using chalk and things found in nature
  3. Walk local nature trails.
  4. Have a water war
  5. Make your own ice cream
  6. Have a bonfire
  7. Catch fireflies
  8. Create a treasure hunt (switch it up and have them place the treasure & draw the map)
  9. Let them have their own lemonade stand
  10. Find a new playground
  11. Take a day trip to the beach
  12. Have a sandcastle contest
  13. Make homemade frozen lemonade
  14. Go Fishing
  15. Make your own sprinkler out of your recycling
  16. Super-hot day? Try making melted crayon art in the sun!
  17. Plant a flower
  18. Let the kids have a yard sale (bonus here for you mom, they clean out some old toys)
  19. Go to your local library free activities
  20. Check out Home Depot workshops
  21. Visit your local craft store for free kid’s workshops
  22. Try painting with leaves
  23. Find old t-shirts and make your own capes
  24. Bake cookies from scratch
  25. Find long sticks and make your own teepee
  26. Find a new farmer’s market in your area and just wander around
  27. Flashlight tag
  28. Take lots of pictures & use FreePrints to have them printed, make a summer memory board out of them.
  29. Try a new recipe
  30. Check for local free concerts
  31. Have a picnic at a local park
  32. Get out the art supplies & make your own board game
  33. Use all your Legos and make the biggest creation you can
  34. Sidewalk Tic-Tac-Toe
  35. Have a sleepover
  36. Read a new book together
  37. Browse the bookstore
  38. Write your own story
  39. See how long you can play catch without dropping the ball
  40. Have a bubble blowing contest
  41. Make sponge bombs
  42. Watch movies all day
  43. Learn origami
  44. Make paper airplanes
  45. Write letters to family
  46. Try a new craft
  47. Make a canvas painting
  48. Scavenger hunt
  49. Make salt crystals
  50. Create a new recipe

To get more free summer fun sign-up now and I’ll send the full 100 Summer Boredom Busters list straight to your inbox instantly!! You’ll also get access to all current and future printable resources!

Super huge list of free summer activities to keep you summer fun.

I’d love to chat with you about your summer fun ideas? Do you have any free activities that we should try this year? Please comment, your suggestion may be featured in a future post!

Super charge your summer with 100 amazing & completely free boredom busters. Create your summer bucket list today. Fun for the whole family!Give your kids an awesome summer with this summer bucket list. 100 absolutely free summer activities to keep the fun rolling in. Give your kids an awesome summer with this summer bucket list. 100 absolutely free summer activities to keep the fun rolling in. Give your kids an awesome summer with this summer bucket list. 100 absolutely free summer activities to keep the fun rolling in.Get the 100% list of 100 Summer Boredom Busters Now!

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