Exkokoro Waterproof Shower Speaker Product Review

Exkokoro Waterproof Shower Speaker Product Review


I love to listen to music in the shower, except since we moved this has been difficult because our light also has a steam vent that runs and it is loud. My phone’s speaker is not nearly loud enough for me to enjoy the music. Needless to say, I needed a different way to listen to my music without it being drowned out by the noisy vent.


This review expresses my own personal opinions and they were not influenced by the company whose product I am reviewing. I did receive this product for a discount in exchange for my honest review, this does not affect my views on the product.

So I recently tried out a new product to solve this little problem of mine (oh, technology drama these days). I actually really enjoyed the speaker I tried out. It definitely worked for the struggle I was having and I loved the design and simplicity involved in its engineering. When I came across the offer to review the Exkokoro Waterproof Speaker I was happy to participate. There are many Bluetooth products on the market today, and it can be tough to choose one. The product does have a few low reviews, but I find that they are based not on the actual functionality of the product, but others expectations of the product. I wanted to try it myself and see what all the negativity was about.

What’s in the box?

Quite simply, you get the speaker and the suction cup that it attaches with. There is no power cord included in the box, so when it comes time to charge it we will have to find our own charging adapter for it.

Set-up and Connection

This was so incredibly simple to connect to my phone, all I did was turn it on (holding the power button down) and go into my phone’s Bluetooth settings and select it from the available devices. I seriously didn’t even need instructions (this is only the 2nd Bluetooth product I’ve ever owned too!). Once it was connected, I pressed the power button once and it started playing my music! How awesome, I didn’t even have to touch my phone.

Design & Functioning

All i have to do is push one button on the speaker, everything is right here.

Very easy to use, the forward and backward buttons (used to change songs) can also turn the volume up or down if they are held down instead of pressed. The power button can be used to play/pause. The phone button actually answers your phone calls (and hangs up), which means no more missed calls in the shower. Finally, the button that shows an M is the mode button and this thing actually has FM radio! Who knew?!

The Not So Good

While overall I enjoy using this product, there are a couple of downfalls to it.

  • No charging cable/adapter provided
  • The suction cup is not as strong as it should be, sometimes the speaker falls.


Should you or shouldn’t you?

Waterproof speaker from Exkokoro

Overall, I would recommend this product to friends & family. While there are a couple of downfalls to the product, they do not affect the functionality of the product. The suction cup issue can be fixed with a command strip and we all have a bunch of cords (at least everyone I know does) lying around from old phones, electronics, etc.


Want one??


Get your own waterproof bluetooth speaker today!
I’ll definitely continue using my speaker. Let me know if you try it out, what are your thoughts?


I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a discount for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.


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Music for your shower with this Exkokoro waterproof shower speaker! My personal review.


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  • Have you had an issue with the lights? Cause I just got one today and the first light option (my favorite one) with the fast color rotation has stopped working. As in the blue lights have dimed and the green one doesn’t even light up for some reason. I have a video of when I first tried it and now. I honestly have no clue what happened.

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