9 Fun & Silly Self-Care Ideas to Enjoy with Your Kids Now

9 Fun & Silly Self-Care Ideas to Enjoy with Your Kids Now

Self-care is so important to me, and to many moms. It is a quick way to take a little time for ourselves. It also gives you a chance to increase your mood and energy, even if it only lasts a few short minutes.

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I’ve compiled a list of nine self-care practices you can try. All nine of them involve your children. Not only are you spending some quality time with the littles, you’re taking a little time for yourself as well. As a mom, taking care of yourself is important so that you can take care of them better. Self-care should be a part of your daily routine, even if it’s just for a few minutes each morning and evening.


1. Dance to a silly song

Dancing is addictive, and when kids get moving it’s incredible to watch. My kids love music, as I’m sure yours do also. Have them put on their favorite song and just let loose with them. I know it doesn’t sound like self-care, but be aware of how you feel before and after your little jig.

Self-care dance with kids


2. Color or paint a picture together

It’s no wonder those adult coloring books are so addictive. Coloring is very relaxing, and a big part of self-care is learning to relax and live in the moment. I like those big Crayola coloring pages because it makes it easy to color with your child instead of next to them. Painting is also a hobby/love of mine, it’s very freeing. Plus you can get materials cheap at Walmart or Michaels.

Self-care is art


3. Take a silly selfie

Okay, I love doing this with my 2, although my youngest gets way more involved than the big guy. By the time you’ve got four or five shots, you’re both laughing at each other and the selfies are silly anyway. Laughter is one of the best self-care practices you’ll find.

Self-care can be silly too
Yes, that’s a towel on my head. But he didn’t care, why should I?
Self-care can be a very solitary task, but it is easy to get the kids involved. Here are a few activities you can do with your children to make everyone happier.

4. Write a heartfelt letter to someone

Everyone loves to get a handwritten letter, and writing a genuine letter to someone can be very calming. It can also easily flood your mind with happy thoughts and memories of that person. Writing a letter with your child will teach them the value of a handwritten note, and also increase their creativity.

Self-care write a letter


5. Take a walk on a trail and look for critters

Exercise and nature, what a combination. Find your local trails and take the littles out for a nice, slow stroll. They’ll enjoy looking at all of the wildlife and you’ll enjoy the mood boost you get from being outdoors. Make it more fun by creating a scavenger hunt together and have each other look for different wildlife or plants.

Self-care nature walk

6. Plant a flower

Every year I plant something with my eldest, and this year we got my youngest involved too. I take them to Dollar Tree to pick out seeds and buy potting soil. We usually get our planters from Target because they are nicer looking. From there, we spend a couple hours outside planting our seeds and making sure that the pots are in a good spot for sunlight.

Self-care plant a garden and watch it grow

7. Tell each other a story (real or made-up)

I love storytelling. Writing is a hobby (and passion) of mine, and getting my children involved always makes it interesting. Make a nice blanket fort, sit inside together, and tell “campfire” stories together. You can even tell stories about them when they were babies, my kids love hearing about when they were younger. Give them a chance to tell you a story of their own too.

Self-care storytelling to boost creativity


8. Bake some cookies

Who doesn’t love cookies? Baking together is fun, but don’t worry about the mess while you’re doing it. Enjoy the time you’re spending together, make it messier with a flour fight. Feed each other cookie dough (it’s really not that bad). Once you’re all done baking and enjoying the cookies, you can worry about clean up. Just the short time to unwind and not think about cleaning will make you more relaxed.

Self-care bake some cookies or a cake

9. Put on your pj’s and curl up on the couch for a family movie

Let the kids pick a movie out and pull out your blankets. Curl up on the couch together and just enjoy the show. Bring some popcorn into the mix for added fun. I like to use this one around bedtime because sometimes they’ll even fall asleep.

Self-care cuddle and watch a movie
Involving yourself and your kids in self-care is crucial to caring for your mental health & developing theirs. Stay tuned for weekly mental health posts, parenting posts, and so much more. Plus if you sign up to be a subscriber (totally free) you get access to my free printables which include a budget planner, meal planner, & mental health tracker!

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