8 of the Top Scholarships Just for Women

8 of the Top Scholarships Just for Women

I am surprised at how much I found in support of women in terms of scholarships. Wow, why hadn’t I searched this before? Haha. Anyway, these are the scholarships for women that I have found.

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Scholarships for women really are a thing. I found a bunch and I encourage you to apply for every single one you qualify for.

I found some too-good-to-keep-a-secret scholarships for women that you may want to apply for! As mothers and full-time students, funding our education is not an easy task. I know this all too well. I have run out of student loan options, PELL grants and have a credit score too low for private loans.

Scholarships can be necessary to continue your education. I have found 8 scholarships for women that can help you reach your goals. These are just for women!
  • Women’s Independence Scholarship Program

    • This is an amazing program. This scholarship is for women who are survivors of intimate partner abuse. There are a couple of requirements that you must meet in order to apply:
      • Survivor of intimate partner abuse, separated from the abuser for a minimum of 1 year
      • Critical financial need
      • Definite plan in place for career advancement, entering a new career, etc.
      • Received services from a non-profit domestic violence agency for a minimum of 6 months
    • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.


  • Dr. Julianne Malveaux Scholarship

    • This scholarship is awarded to African-American women. The requirements include:
      • A sophomore or junior in college
      • Journalism, Economics, or related field major
      • 3.0 or higher GPA
      • 1,000-word essay
    • This scholarship doesn’t open back up until January but I found it noteworthy.


  • Dr. Blanca Moore-Velez Women of Substance Scholarship

    • I also found this scholarship to be of value. It also is not open until January, but keep it in mind. The requirements for the scholarship are as follows:
      • African-American woman, age 35+
      • Undergrad student with a minimum 3.0 GPA
      • 500-word essay


  • Patsy Takemoto Education Foundation Education Support Award

    • This is an amazing scholarship opportunity for low-income women with children. There are 5 awards that range all the way up to $5,000!! I know I could use $5,000 for school. The requirements are as follows:
      • Mother with minor children
      • Enrolled for the 2017-2018 semester
      • Low-income:
        • $20,000 for a family of 2
        • $24,000 for a family of 3
        • $28,000 for a family of 4
    • The deadline for this award is August 1, 2017. Hurry and get your application in!

  • Soroptimist Live Your Dream Awards

    • This is not open for applications right now, but you’re going to wanna bookmark it. This scholarship awards between $3,000 and $10,000!! What?!? The requirements are:
      • Primary financial support for yourself & dependents
      • Financial need
      • Enrolled/accepted for an undergraduate program
      • Must not currently hold a graduate degree
      • Submit 2 references
    • This opportunity opens back up July 1, 2017, and the deadline is November 15, 2017. You can check out the requirements and be all set by the time the applications open.


  • P.E.O. Program for Continuing Education

    • This program is great for you ladies who decided to go back to school after a length of time. Awards can range up to $3,000. The requirements are as follows:
      • Must have had at least 24 consecutive months of being a non-student
      • Must be currently enrolled
      • Must be within 24 months of completing your program
    • No deadline has been listed, it seems as though they are always accepting applications.


  • Jeannette Rankin Fund

    • This scholarship has just three requirements:
      • Woman 35 years of age or older
      • Low-income
      • Working on an undergraduate degree
    • The application process is not open again until November.


  • ASIST Scholarships

    • These are not specific to women, and the company has multiple scholarships offered. It is required that you live in one of the areas listed on their website.

There are definitely some great opportunities in this list. Did you find one that I missed? Please, do let me know. I’ll add it to the list. Find me on social media to let me know!

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