How to Create a Pinterest Strategy for Your Blog to Boost Traffic

How to Create a Pinterest Strategy for Your Blog to Boost Traffic

If you’ve been looking for the right strategy to drive more traffic to your blog, Pinterest is the way to go. Having a Pinterest strategy for your blog will give you (almost) immediate results. I’m not talking huge results right away, but you will see results. The best part is if you continue to use your Pinterest strategy you’ll continue to see increased results.

This really does work, I’m not even lying to you. And it requires minimal effort on your part! But you have to have the right tools. Those are easy too, don’t worry. Just a short time ago, I was sitting here staring at my blog screen wondering where I could find more readers. I was sharing like crazy on Facebook and Twitter, and getting tiny results. After trying Stumbleupon but didn’t like the results I saw. I got a traffic increase, but they weren’t interested readers. We don’t need those, I swear. You want real people who actually want to read what you have to say. Not someone clicking Stumble every half-second until they see a bunch of pictures they like.

Don’t get me wrong, you may get an interested reader here and there from it, but not the kind of traffic boost that you’re hoping for right about now. That is where your Pinterest game is going to come in. I’ve been using Pinterest for a couple of years now, but up until recently, I didn’t think that I could use it to my advantage for my blog. Boy, was I wrong.

Creating a Pinterest strategy is a guaranteed way to get your blog out there and in the eyes of your possible viewers. Implement your strategy today to start seeing results.

Choosing a Scheduler for Your Pinterest Strategy

First things first, you’re not going to want to do this all on your own. To have an effective Pinterest strategy for your blog you’ll need a Pin Scheduler. What this will do is allow you to save a large number of pins and the scheduler will pin them at appropriate times to the assigned boards. I’ve tried multiple schedulers in my 3 months of blogging. The three main Pinterest tools are Tailwind, BoardBooster, and Viraltag.

Personally, I’d choose Viraltag, but they are the most expensive of the three. Viraltag definitely has the best features out of the three, including scheduling for most social media channels.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, BoardBooster is the way to go because they give you what you need at a low price. BoardBooster is only useful for Pinterest.

Tailwind is the most recommended by many bloggers, but it also is a bit pricey. Tailwind does have a scheduling option for Instagram too, but it is in Beta mode right now.

If you’d like more in-depth information about each of the three schedulers, be sure to check out Choosing a Pinterest Scheduler for Your Pinterest Strategy.

Creating Your Pinterest Strategy

Now what you’re going to do is create a plan of attack. This is actually the easy part. You have all of the information I gave your on different schedulers, now you have to choose one. Don’t worry about if you don’t like the one you choose. For now, just use a free trial for one of the three until you get the hang of it. This also allows you to see your Pinterest strategy bring you results before you dish out some cash. So go ahead and choose one now and sign up for your free trial.

Tailwind Trial

BoardBooster Trial

Viraltag Trial

From here, you’re going to want to be sure that you have a pin template for your blog post images. Your pin template is going to be another time-saver because all you’ll have to do is put in your title and image and then you’re good to pin. Here’s an example of my pin template so you can see what I mean.

Pin template for my Pinterest strategy.

For the sake of this tutorial, the image is not as large as it will be when you save yours. The long pins are what you want to stick with. They are the better-performing pins and draw the most attention.

Stick to 2 (3 at most) fonts for your pins and try to stick with a color scheme that follows your blog branding.

Now you’ll be set to create an attractive, brand-centered pin for each and every blog post. If you implement your Pinterest strategy from Day 1, you’ll see amazing results. Don’t worry if you don’t see anything for a couple of days. But know that you will see results!

Once you create your pins for each post, you’ll schedule your pins in the scheduler that you chose. This is where most of the work will be for you from this point on. But you’ll be able to do this whenever you have a little free time. I generally spend 20-30 minutes every couple days scheduling my pins.

You don’t want to be spammy, so be sure to pin more posts from other blogs/sources than you are from your own site. I try to stick to 1-2 of my own for every 10 from other sources. Pinning from other blogs will also give you a chance to be spotted among the blogging community, and bloggers love reciprocating generosity!

Final Important Factor of Your Pinterest Strategy: Rich Pins

Lastly, you’ll want to enable rich pins for your blog post pins. I’ll go into more detail soon about that. In order to enable rich pins, you have to have your profile transferred over to a business profile, and verify your site through Pinterest.

Rich pins allow your pins to show up with your title in bold which is more attractive when you’re scrolling through Pinterest.

Here is an example of a pin that is not rich pin enabled:

Using rich pins for your Pinterest strategy.




Here is a rich pin enabled pin:

Rich pin enabled for my Pinterest strategy.



My Pinterest Strategy Results

I’ve only had my Pinterest Strategy implemented for a little over 20 days not, but I’ve definitely seen some great results. I’m not talking thousands of blog page views, but definite growth in my traffic from Pinterest and my Pinterest reach as well. 

These are my stats on day 1 of my strategy. Barely any Pinterest visibility, and I wasn’t getting any leads to my blog from Pinterest. I was pinning my posts to Pinterest, but I wasn’t gaining any traction from it.


Day 1 of setting up my Pinterest Strategy.

In a matter of 2 days, my Pinterest viewers doubled! No joke doubled. All from having a Pinterest strategy. And as you can see they continued to climb from there, and they still continue to grow. I’m getting repins, saves, and clicks.

Day 2 of my Pinterest Strategy. I've doubled my Pinterest reach.

This is what my Pinterest reach looks like as of July 12.

Results from using my Pinterest strategy.

Look at my stats for the past week! I’m still improving, but once you have your Pinterest strategy set up it’s very easy to keep up with. Just be sure to spend a little time each day scheduling your pins.

My Pinterest stats for this week thanks to my Pinterest strategy.

Now Let’s Get Pinning!

It’s time for you to put this knowledge to good use! Feel free to post a link to your pins in my comments. I’ll give you feedback and I’ll even repin them for you and follow your profile.

Be sure to stick around, because there’s lots more blogging info where this came from. 😉

5 thoughts on “How to Create a Pinterest Strategy for Your Blog to Boost Traffic”

  • Hi Chelsea! Thanks so much for commenting. You have a gorgeous design for your pins, so I see zero issues in that area. Personally, I was in the same boat as you with Tailwind. When I switched to Board Booster and gave it about 15-20 days I saw a huge improvement in my Pinterest reach as well as started seeing some traffic from Pinterest.

    In terms of your pin itself:
    – It has a wedding feel to me. And based on the suggested pins when you scroll down, Pinterest thinks the same thing. I’d maybe change the image to that of a couple, or something more fashion oriented. Other than that you have a great balance of white on your pin and from what I’ve read, reds and pinks get a lot more interaction so you’re definitely on the right track.

    I know, it’s frustrating to wait for the traction to pick up but if you make the changes I suggested, I don’t see why it won’t pick up.

    One last suggestion would be to look for Pinterest Group Boards in your niche and try and join them. If you aren’t sure where to look Alee at The Beautified Life ( has a super huge list of group boards for every niche.

    <3 Andolina

  • Hi! I think all of your information is super helpful. I just started but haven’t seen any change in followers or growth. This is an example of one of my pins:

    Any feedback would be awesome. I currently use the free trial of tailwind but haven’t notice much traction to my site or repins even though I’m in a tribe and a blogger group.

    Any suggestions?


  • Can you elaborate more on what a pin template is? Is it just the name of the blog post title with your website and you pin it to a “blog post” board on your Pinterest account? I’ve never looked into Pinterest for blogging so maybe that’s why I’m not understanding. Thanks!

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