12 Mother’s Day Gifts As Unique As Mom

12 Mother’s Day Gifts As Unique As Mom

If you’re anything like me, you haven’t even thought of what to get Mom for Mother’s Day. I’ll be honest, my Mom is not the easiest person to shop for. She’s the woman who will tell you what she wants, and then go out and buy it the next day.

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She actually did that to me three times this past Christmas *pulls hair out*. So how do you go about picking the perfect gift for the woman who just buys what she wants? I’m here to help you with that. There are things to keep in mind when looking for a gift for Mom, and I have found some gifts that are very unique.

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There are a few things you’re going to want to keep in mind:

What are her hobbies?

My Mom loves gardening, she has her very own vegetable garden that she is constantly improving yearly.

What is her profession?

My mom is an RN at a nursing home, her job is like a child to her. So anything that I can get for her relating to her job, she’ll probably love.

What is her favorite accessory?

Okay, so my mom is in scrubs or pj’s, so accessories aren’t a great idea for her. But, I could always get her new scrub pants, or awesomely adorable pj’s that she’ll never want to take off.

Does your Mom love to cook?

My mom hates cooking, so new kitchen tools aren’t an ideal. But, I could search for something that would make cooking quicker or easier for her.




Okay, so I have a couple of places to start, gardening and nursing. Yours will be different, but I’ve found some awesome Mother’s Day gifts that will work for any Mom.

My Top Mother’s Day Gift Picks

Top 3 For the Gardening Mom

Anyone who has ever spent a few hours working on a garden knows that your knees get sore from kneeling on the ground, and your thighs get sore from squatting when you just can’t sit on your knees anymore. My Mom spends hours at a time, for days in a row working in her garden when she sets it up for the season. Her gardening tools are her best friends for the summer so she loves to have great quality tools.

  1. This gardening bench is amazing!

She can use it two different ways, as a bench or as a kneeler pad. It also comes with a handy tool pouch so that her gardening tools are easily accessible. This is definitely a top pick on my gift list for my Mom!

2. This handy tool set with a carrying bag will be a hit with Mom.

Gardening tools are a must for any gardener. With this gardener’s tool bag, she will have all of the tools she needs to get her garden started out right this year. Pair this with a nursery gift card and Mom will have a reminder of you all season long!

3.  If your mom is a gardener, I highly recommend the Sproutbrite Heirloom Vegetable Seed Kit for this Mother’s Day gift.

As I said, my mom has a large vegetable garden that she replants each and every year. This is one of my top picks for her perfect gift because it features 10 different heirloom vegetable seeds. It even comes with a booklet for care and planting instructions. The reviews are raving, and the product packaging is ADORABLE! Plus, Mom will be able to save her produce costs for the whole season, maybe even longer!


Top 3 Gifts for the Professional Mom
  1. The Boss Lady mug is a great addition to your Mother’s Day gift for mom.

For the quirky gift, I recommend this mug. It signifies everything that a Mom is, and that doesn’t even include her professional self. I love this mug, and I’m ordering one for myself. Haha. Your mom will definitely appreciate the mug, especially paired with her favorite coffee blend or coffee house gift card.

2. This Kate Spade Desktop Calendar is beautiful just like her.

Okay, I’m a calendar lover myself so this calendar was a no-brainer pick for Mom. It has an elegant, classy design that will stand out on her desk. I love the simplicity of it. There are other color options as well, and there is matching desk accessories if you’re looking to give her a collection of items!

3. This faux leather briefcase bag is gorgeous.

Every professional woman needs a briefcase/laptop bag.  I love the added bow and cutout design on the bag itself. It is so feminine but doesn’t stand out too much. It will match any of her work attire ever so nicely.


Top 3 Gifts for the Accessorizing Mom
  1. I love, love, love this heart necklace.

The message included on the card is perfect. This necklace is such a simple, yet beautiful, way to tell Mom that she is appreciated. Let your mom know that she is the best with this beauty.

2. This starry night sky umbrella.

It’s been rainy here in New York and as soon as I saw it I knew it was a top pick for Mom. This umbrella is great because it is one of those inside-out umbrellas so that you don’t soak everything when you close it up. Which, in my opinion, would make it harder to be broken when it’s super windy. The image on the inside made this stand out the most to me though.

3. This Anne Klein Bangle Watch and Bracelet Set, yes, please!

Okay, this one is a little more high-end, but it is absolutely stunning. This is definitely a watch that will stand out on her wrist, and it’s small and versatile too. No doubt her jaw will drop when she opens up this gift.


Top 3 Gifts for Mom’s Kitchen
  1. This Hampton Forge 15-piece Knife Block Set has a very clean design and color scheme.

As a Mom, my knife set is one of the most important tools in the kitchen. I own a Hampton Forge Knife set and I don’t know why I ever had anything else in the past. They have such a smooth, crisp cut and they are so easy to wash. I wouldn’t recommend another knife set, especially at their price point. If I didn’t have a set already I’d be buying myself this one.

2. Your mom will love adding the Oster 2-in-1 Blender Food Processor to her kitchen gadgetry.

This is THE blender to have. I have an Oster blender food processor and it is great. The fact that is a 2-in-1 machine saves so much space, which we all know can be hard to find when you have a family. The added blender bottle is a great attachment if Mom loves smoothies and frozen beverages.

3.  This herb mill easily minces your fresh herbs efficiently and quickly.

I grow my own herbs, mainly because of the cost saving benefit. But I also love to have plants around, and having plants around that are useful is a plus. As anyone knows who has their own herb garden, chopping the fresh herbs can be quite a hassle.Thus, saving time and making growing your own herbs more enjoyable.


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