15 Mom Approved Self-Care Products You Need In Your Life

15 Mom Approved Self-Care Products You Need In Your Life

Happy Friday everyone! The weekend’s almost here and school is almost out for summer. I hope you mamas are preparing yourself for summer with the littles. If not you better get in a little extra alone time before the craziness. I know this isn’t the best time of year for us to worry about taking care of ourselves, but it’s still so very important. Practicing self-care daily will help you handle the added stress of summer vacation and continue being the awesome mama that you are.

I know all I’m thinking about lately is fun in the sun and what the heck are we going to do all summer. Don’t worry I’ll have something for that too next week so make sure you subscribe now so you don’t miss it! But anyway, back to taking care of you. I got to interview a few mamas to see what products they love for their daily self-care and they gave me some awesome products. Sometimes it’s hard to find the time, but the self-care products these moms told me about are not time-consuming at all!

Why am I still talking? Let’s check out what these ladies found!

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Mamas need to practice self-care too. These products are mom-approved for your self-care needs.

Dami’s Favorite Self-Care Products

Dami from How To Marry a Millionaire - Self-Care products

To tackle her daily self-care routine, Dami likes to always have her:

Lush Perfume

Nuxe Hair Oil


Body Butter

(While Dami did not specify a brand for her body butter and scrubs, these are good brands and are top rated on Amazon.)


Leite de Rosas Face Cleanser

Scrubs are definitely amazing. I actually make my own, it’s super easy. And I use it as a shave oil/exfoliant. Best shave I get, every single time.

Dami is a blogger over at How to Marry A Millionaire and she’s a student mom just like me!!! Hi, Dami! You can connect with her on Instagram or Pinterest.

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Kim’s Favorite Self-Care Products

Kim from Kim Schepperley is sharing her favorite self-care products

Kim has some great self-care products that she uses also! She’s kindly told me about these five as her top five self-care products and I want to share them with you.

Osmia Detox Mask

I love using this as part of my evening skin care routine. I use it 1-2x per week when I want to pamper myself with a mini at home spa time. This usually involves a glass of wine, good music, and a nice long soak in the bath.

Monat Hair Products

The products from this company are amazing. It keeps my hair so healthy! The Dry shampoo is one of my fav products that they offer.

Within Us Marine Collagen

I use 1-2 schoops daily in my Shakeology. Collagen has a ton of great health benefits that include healthy hair, skin, and nails, but once you hit a certain age your body’s natural ability to create collagen decreases significantly. I love this stuff as you can mix it with anything and even use it as a face mask!

Senegence Skincare/Cosmetics

I love using their skincare and cosmetics (their cosmetics also have skincare in them). My fav is the lipsense…It lasts all day long! But I have also noticed a huge difference in the health of my skin! Plus I don’t feel so guilty if I don’t wash my makeup off before bed.


This is a way to make sure I get my daily dose of the nutrients my body needs. I’ve been using Shakeology for 2 years and it’s helping me to also get my pre-baby body back!

Oh yes, the mom life favorite, dry shampoo. We all have it (I’m sure of it) because who has time to shower every freaking day?

Kim is a lifestyle blogger at Kim Schepperley and she has a sweet little baby girl and an adorable little boy. You can connect with Kim on Instagram, or through her blog!

Juli’s Favorite Self-Care Products

Juli of Mostly Caffeinated talks about her fave self-care products

Juli is a sarcastic, caffeine-laced mom of two little boys and foster/adoptive momma of hopefully more! She’s an educator on hiatus, enjoys playing piano, reading classic literature, and thrift shopping.


Toly Moly Gold Racoony Physician's Formula Tattoo Junkee Twinings Blanket Image HTML map generator


Pssst… You can click on Juli’s faves right up here ^^^ to try them for yourself!

Tony Moly Sheet Masks

My daily routines actually begin in the evening – I ascribe to the Judaic idea that your day begins the evening before, a time of preparation, not a crash. I gear myself up for the next day by doing a sheet mask or under-eye maks while I read a book. This gives my skin a boost for the next day, as well as really helping me relax in preparation for sleep.

Gold Racoony Eye & Spot Patches

Physician’s Formula Organic Wear Mascara

It’s not filled with terrible ingredients, it’s easy to put on (not clumpy!) and take off (wears away without flakes or black smudges while I sleep) because I’m too lazy. And busy reading and sheet-masking.

Tattoo Junkee Liquid Lip Paint

I like a little color on my face, but have never gotten the knack of makeup. I don’t love doing it, because I’m lazy and a full face seems to wear off too quickly to be worth the effort. But these lipsticks are pretty budge-proof, inexpensive, and available at big box stores. They don’t come off when I smooch my kiddos, or on my coffee mug.

Twinings Prince of Wales Loose Black Tea

I start every morning with a cup of black tea and a little creamer. It’s a small hit of caffeine, but mostly it is the calm before the storm. I sit and do my blogging or reading or Bible studying and sip my tea, alone in the quiet of the early morning. Prince of Wales is my favorite blend – I like to brew it loose, in a tea infuser ball, in a mug that reads “Mom Life is the Best Life.”

A Soft Blanket

One that is’t covered in kid goober, or dog hair. A plush throw that is just for e, that lives on my bed to keep it safe. I use this if I wake up early and am sitting at my desk in the morning chill. I use it when I read in bed at night. It’s probably the cleanest textile in my house, by design, so there is one “nice thing” left that I can wrap up in and be an adult for a few minutes. And that really is the point of self-care, isn’t it?

Yes, Juli. That is what self-care is. Just a little you time. And I have a blanket too. Actually like four of them. I have an obsession with those super soft plus blankets and have to avoid them in the store. I’ll definitely be buying some of the Tattoo Junkee Lip Paint. I’m not much of a makeup wearer but it’d be nice for when I have a special, dressy kind of thing going on.

Juli is a mom blogger over at Mostly Caffeinated. Her blog is focused on professionalizing motherhood and simple, wholesome living, You can follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Youtube.


Another shout-out to these great ladies for offering up their favorite products. I’ll be trying out a few of them really soon. What are your favorite self-care products? Let me know it the comments, maybe I’ll try it out!!

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These three moms share their absolute favorite daily self-care products. Come on in and find out what they are!What products are you using for your daily self-care? These mom shared their favorites.

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