Baking with Kids Made Simple with Foodstirs Baking Kits (Plus A Coupon!)

Baking with Kids Made Simple with Foodstirs Baking Kits (Plus A Coupon!)

Foodstirs, Inc

In our house, baking is a regular activity. While I don’t personally eat many baked goods, my family loves them. The boys always want to get involved in the baking fun, but it becomes hard for them to help when I’m measuring and moving quickly in order to get the recipe just right. Don’t get me wrong, I do let them help occasionally. But it can be hard for them to follow a recipe and get it right. Which just frustrates them more when they aren’t getting something right the first time.

How Do We Fix It?

I’m always on the hunt for awesome products, especially ones that get the kids involved! I stumbled upon Foodstirs and I loved their brand and their products instantly. It was like love at first sight! No seriously, they’re baking creations are gorgeous, to say the least, and their product packaging is freaking adorable. How could you not fall in love? I didn’t even want to unbox my kit because it was so cutely packaged.

Foodstirs baking kits are the best way to bake with kids. No measuring, minimum mess, adorable outcome.

What is Foodstirs?

Foodstirs is a subscription box service, with plenty of package/pricing options to fit your budget. Their baking kits come pre-packaged with super easy to read instructions. Everything is measured and with each kit, you only need a couple of ingredients. For my Strawberry Lemondate Shortcakes, I only needed 3 ingredients! And they were items I keep in my fridge anyway. It’s great to be able to bake something with the kids and not have to go shopping for all of the ingredients. Another awesome thing about Foodstirs is that their ingredients are organic. For all of you subscription box lovers out there, this is one you have to try!

Upgrade Your Pantry. 20% off sitewide (code: Spring20). Simply delicious, Organic baking craft kits and mixes.

Creating Our Strawberry Lemonade Shortcakes

Aiden couldn’t wait to get into the Foodstirs Baking Kit. When it arrived, he wanted to bake them right away. I’m not gonna lie, I couldn’t wait either. I don’t eat a lot of sugary treats, but I definitely wanted to try them. They look so gorgeous (even when we made them at home!) that I wanted to save them forever, haha. When we did pull out our baking kit, I let him do most of the work and I stood aside and just snapped some pics. It was so simple for him, the instructions had easy to follow images for each step. He can read, but it made it a lot easier for him to follow along without having to stop to keep reading.

Let’s Get Baking

Our Foodstirs baking kit unboxed and ready to go!

He waited ever so patiently as I took my pictures to document our adventure with Foodstirs. I can’t wait to try another box to see what awesome creation we get next.


Foodstirs, Inc
Aiden was able to make our Foodstirs Strawberry Lemonade Shortcakes by himself. The baking kit is so kid-friendly. Its a perfect gift for parents.

He definitely wasn’t fond of having to use his hands, but he did get into it after a few minutes. He needed the shortcake dough so well and I’m sure all of the effort just made the end result so much better for him.


This baking kit is the most adorable thing ever. I love these little cups that they came with!

I was definitely loving these cute little cups! You bake the shortcake right in it. It’s seriously awesome. Their design team is the best.


Lets take a picture while we wait for the shortcakes to bake!

I think his favorite part of the baking kit was the cute little pins it came with. The one he’s wearing says “I Bake, What’s Your Superpower?” and there was a smaller one that said “Whisk Taker,” how cute!


We prepped the icing while we waited for the baking to finish.

The strawberry icing was easy to make too! All you did was blend in the yogurt, butter and freeze dried strawberries and bam, done. The kit even came with the frosting bag! We used a total of 4 dishes for this whole baking kit from start to finish. I can’t speak highly enough about Foodstirs.


Baking done, super quick too. Now time to put the icing and decorations on top!

My only wish was that the shortcakes had more of a lemon flavor to them. You could taste it, but I love lemon and I would’ve added another Tru Lemon packet if I had it.


The Finished Product

These came out adorable. I want another baking kit!

Maybe I could have put less of the strawberries into the icing, it was a bit tart, but they look so pretty! We had such a blast baking together!


Time to see how well we did with baking our Strawberry Lemonade Shortcakes!

I let Aiden try them out first! Yes, he looks angry but that’s just his picture face, haha. They were a success for sure! You do have to remove them from the cute little cups to eat them, but I expected that. These would be so cool to make for a summer picnic or party. I’m sure they’d be a big hit!

Foodstirs, Inc

Learn More About Foodstirs

What’s in a Kit?

I’m pretty sure the more you learn about Foodstirs, the more there is to love. In each kit, they send you all of your non-perishable ingredients. So in my Strawberry Lemonade Shortcake kit, I got the shortcake mix, the frosting mix, freeze dried strawberries, Tru Lemon Packets (the lemon flavor for your shortcakes), the recipe card and a suggestions card, and the adorable straw decorations. The suggestions card was cute, it gave you instructions to make homemade strawberry lemonade and has nutrition facts right on the back. Each kit always comes with any cookie cutters or molds you may need to complete the baking kit, which I think makes it even better. No need to run out to the store late at night to buy your own supplies.


Other Foodstirs Products

Foodstirs doesn’t only have these awesome baking kits, they also have other baking mixes and cool “swag” items. Their prices are amazingly low also. Not many places offer great tasting organic products for such low prices. 

Other products:

Try It For Yourself!

I loved partnering with Foodstirs to share their awesome products with you and they definitely have a customer, meaning me, from now on! Although I love baking on my own and trying out my own recipes, their baking kits are a breath of fresh air and definitely make it easy to get the littles involved more. Since partnering with them, they have given me the code Spring20 to offer 20% off sitewide for you!

Click on any Foodstirs link throughout this post and use the code Spring20 to shop now with my special discount. You’ll be glad you did!


Bake. Eat. Repeat. Organic DIY Baking Kits. 20% off sitewide (coupon: Spring20)


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Lets face it, baking with your kids can be a bit of a pain. But what if I told you there was an easier way? So easy, in fact, that they could pretty much do everything on their own. Well, there is!

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