How to Design Your Mompreneur Home Office

How to Design Your Mompreneur Home Office

Ladies, whoever said that taking care of kids and managing your work life at the same time was easy, or sanity-friendly, was obviously a man. Fortunately, modern technology and workflow processes have made it possible for mompreneurs to work from home or remote offices while taking care of their kids and maintaining a healthy living environment. It is possible, no matter what the world might think of your hectic schedule!

Setting up the perfect home office for your mompreneur endeavor can make a huge difference in your productivity and success.

Proving to yourself and the rest of the world that you can be a true #supermom requires a dedicated workspace, where you can successfully separate work from play, and get things done just in time to take the kids out to the park. Here is how you can design your mompreneur office in order to be productive, positive, and ultimately, successful.

Designing your home office to be a super mompreneur.

Set the mood with colors

A brightly colored workspace sets the mood. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t add darker accentuating hues to the ambiance. As a general rule, you want to enhance positivity and productivity by setting a base color, such as plain white, aqua blue, orange, yellow or green, or their lighter shades. These will be your primaries and the first thing you notice when you walk through the door, so better make it a color that inspires creativity and positivity.

For a dash of vibrancy and cheeky playfulness, you can introduce accents in various contrasting hues, such as maroon, olive green, navy blue, or even black. These hues will bless the room with a dash of diversity that will allow you to thrive in the new, intimate ambiance.

Harness the power of light

Let’s get one thing straight, you definitely should harness the power of sunlight in order to have a more eco-friendly lifestyle, but that is not what I meant. You want to harness the power natural light has in order to inspire productivity, enthusiasm, and energy in your mind, body, and soul.

Therefore, your home office should allow plenty of sunlight to penetrate the room through wide, floor-to-ceiling windows, while the office should be strategically positioned to welcome the morning rays. You want to maintain productivity when night time sets in as well since mompreneurs usually find time to work when the munchkins are sleeping, by introducing warm-glowing artificial lighting that mimics the setting sun.

Perfecting your home office for productivity.

Create the perfect fit

Not only should your personal office space live and breathe your unique taste in design and décor, its elements should perfectly fit into the room in order to create a clean, easily manageable environment.

Bulky furniture takes up too much space which can affect your productivity and focus, so it’s best to order custom furniture that is specifically tailored to fit your new oasis of productivity and positivity.

What’s more, the furniture in your office needs to be comfy and functional, so a broad workstation is a must, complemented with an ergonomic chair to help you maintain good posture. Also, you will need a small couch for those moments when you simply need to switch places but keep on working as well.

Plants are an easy way to spruce up your home office.

Incorporate natural elements

No office is complete without natural elements to help you stay positive and focused. Nurturing flowers is rewarding, but also a chore and more often than not, you will end up with withered bouquets around the room that negatively affect your productivity. It is better to stick to low-maintenance office plants, such as cactuses, a Peace Lily, English Ivy, Gerbera Daisy, or a beautiful Philodendron.

Moreover, you want to place your greenery strategically around the room to portray a true enchanted forest setting that keeps your stress levels down and allow you to rest, recuperate, and get back to crushing your goals!

You can't forget organization when designing your home office. Organization = Productivity.

Neatly pack and organize

Finally, if you were under the impression that you’re able to thrive in chaos, you will soon find out that a messy office is good for nothing; you’ll just lose invaluable documents and hamper your own productivity. You need to create a stress-free environment, and one of the best ways to do that is to declutter and organize.

Make sure to get rid of paper copies and stick to contemporary gadgets that allow creativity and productivity to flow and also opt for a more minimalist approach when organizing your data.


Maintaining a busy work life while devoting enough time to your little bundles of joy might seem easy. However, if you follow these simple tips, you will have no problems creating a true powerhouse of productivity and positivity right in the comfort of your own home and thus becoming a certified #supermom!

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