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Thanks for stopping by! I’m glad you’re looking for a way to reach out to me.

I’m always looking for ways to collaborate with brands and other bloggers. I have worked with a couple of brands in the past and am more than willing to discuss further collaborations with you. All collaborations will include FTC compliance as well as nofollow links. If you’re looking for a collaboration project with me you can email me. A media kit is available upon request.

As owner and sole author of Lessons From A Student Mom, I am always looking for ways to grow and tailor the reader experience. If you have any suggestions or questions regarding any of the content you find on Lessons From A Student Mom feel free to send me an email!

For guest posting opportunities, please click through my site to be sure that your content idea fits with the style of the site and the reader experience. Once you’ve done so, email me your guest post idea and be sure to include¬†Guest Posting in the subject. Or you can fill out my guest post form here.

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