Green Gobbler Cleaning Product Review

Green Gobbler Cleaning Product Review

Green Gobbler Cleaning Product Review

Green Gobbler All-Purpose Cleaner. This stuff really works!

We all know that cleaning our homes can be the biggest daily hassle we face. I’m always looking for new products that will make cleaning easier and quicker. I also try to find cleaners that don’t have offensive odors (they make me cough uncontrollably) but still are tough on difficult messes. I have kids, the messes can get pretty out of hand sometimes. On top of that, I try to find products that I can use on more than one surface. I’m a huge fan of all-purpose cleaners, but finding one that I like can be difficult.

This review expresses my own personal opinions and they were not influenced by the company whose product I am reviewing. I did receive this product for a discount in exchange for my honest review, this does not affect my views on the product. This post does contain affiliate links. While there is no additional charge to you when using my links, I do receive a small commission on your purchase. For more information, please review my disclosure policy. 

I recently partnered with Tomoson to try a new cleaning product. I got to try Green Gobbler for a discounted purchase price to offer my honest review of the product. Let me tell you, I was not expecting a product that could handle so much! 

What do you get?

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box. You actually get the spray bottle, 8 cleaning solution packs, and 4 microfiber towels. What?!? Free cleaning towels! I would’ve been happy with just the cleaner, but throw in some towels I can use just for the dirty jobs and I’m one happy girl.

Green Gobbler Cleaning Power

All you have to do is pour one solution pack into the spray bottle (which has a handy little compartment for your spare cleaning packs) and fill with hot water! So simple, no measuring or anything. And then you just spray and wipe clean. When I say just spray and wipe I mean it! I figured I’d test it out on my stove. My stove was in dire need of a deep cleaning, there was stuck on yuck everywhere and my sponge and dish soap just wasn’t cutting through it. In comes Green Gobbler to save the day!.


Yuck, caked on food and grease! Green gobbler was the best cleaning solution for the job.

All I did was spray my stovetop down with the Green Gobbler cleaning solution and let it sit for about 2 minutes. I grabbed my microfiber towel and start wiping. I didn’t have to scrub, no elbow grease needed for this cleaning job. Green Gobbler ate away the dirt.

(Am I the only one here thinking about Green Goblin from Spiderman?? Boy Mom problems, haha)


Sparkly clean thanks to Green Gobbler cleaning solution!


Green Gobbler Positives

  • This stuff seriously works!
  • You get basically 8 bottles of cleaning solution for a fraction of the cost of other cleaning products
  • You can add more solution packs for tougher jobs (although I don’t think you need to)
  • You can use it on ANY surface
  • No horrible odor
  • Less waste (due to the solution packs that you use in the same bottle)

Green Gobbler Negatives

  • You are still using chemical-based cleaning solutions

I really would prefer to use natural cleaning products, but because this doesn’t have a horrible odor I can easily look past that. I don’t think we can ever fully get away from using chemicals. 


My Overall Opinion

I would recommend this product to friends and family. I actually have already. It’s a good product and it does the job, and better than other cleaning products for that matter. You’re pretty much paying $1.88 per bottle and that’s if you don’t factor in the cost of the microfiber rags. If you factor those in (say you buy 2 packs at the dollar store) then you are only paying $1.62 per bottle. Last time I bought an all-purpose cleaner, I paid over $3 for one bottle of cleaner! I’d say that some decent savings.



Buy your own Green Gobbler Kit now!



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