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To inspire & guide women of all walks of like to live their healthiest, happiest, and most organized life.

Why Stick Around?

Not only am I a mom of 2 rambunctious little boys, I'm also a college student and a lover of all things organization and planning. I've always been a straight-A (or nearly straight-A) student and have even managed to hold my grades steady while also working full-time and caring for a newborn.

I promise that anyone can have these results, no matter your struggles and other responsibilities.

As you may have noticed, I'm also a huge advocate for mental health and mental illness. As a woman who battles mental illness personally, I am very passionate about self-care, mindfulness, and even treatment.

I will never give you information that I wouldn't give to my own family and friends. Every printable created and every organization and time management tip is something that I use in my own daily life and have found to be highly effective.

I'm here simply to help you manage all of your roles as a mom, student, and woman.

Fun Facts About Andolina

I’m 26 years old, although mentally I’m pretty sure I’m about 45, haha. No, seriously I find myself more comfortable around people my mother’s age. I became a mother at the age of 19, just a year and a half after starting online classes through the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. I've since been back to college multiple times. Honestly, I have too many interests. I have an Associate's in Psychology and have also completed a good portion of my Associate's in Substance Abuse Counseling.

But I'm not done, I'll be going back up through my Doctorate in Psychology. But enough of the formals. Want to really know me? These are the most important aspects of me.

  • My mental illness doesn't define me but helps me know myself better.
  • I read a lot of non-fiction.
  • I very much dislike dressing up.
  • I love sweatpants and sweatshirts (hoodies are an obsession of mine).
  • Music is just as important as therapy and treatment for me.
  • I’m always cold.
  • I adore summer and I hate winter. No, I don’t like snow on Christmas.
  • I’m so happy to have met the love of my life, Kenny, at the age of 16.

Don't be a stranger!

I'm always just an email away and I love to hear from my readers. I welcome suggestions and all questions. And as I said before, I do my best to get your question answered no matter what.


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