About Me

One of the biggest challenges facing mom is understanding how to effectively and efficiently manage your home without losing your mind completely.

I created this blog to be a community of moms all working towards the same thing – to live your life with the freedom and ease you’ve always dreamed of. I am here to help you manage your time effectively, learn to accomplish your goals, and love your mom life.

My name is Andolina. I am the mama of two handsome little boys. I love organizing, crafting, and finding easier and more efficient ways to manage my home. I’ve always been a long-time college student up until recently and have found many ways to manage being a mom and a student.

Here at Lessons From a Student Mom, I will offer articles featuring time management tips and tricks, budgeting hacks, parenting fun and anecdotes, and also information on mental health for yourself and your children.

As an added bonus, I am also the owner and creator of Simplified Life Co, my Etsy shop specifically featuring time management tools, budgeting tools, and more instant printables to turn your home into a well-oiled machine.

For Collaborations & More

I welcome guest posts, product collaborations and ad space here on Lessons From a Student Mom. If you’re interested in chatting more about these opportunities send me an email at andolina@lessonsfromastudentmom.com with the collab you’re interested in in the subject line.