30 Days of Me Day 8 & 9 : June Goals & A Recent Accomplishment

30 Days of Me Day 8 & 9 : June Goals & A Recent Accomplishment

Alright, I’m a tad behind on my 30 Days of Me challenge. But today I wanted to join two days into one post. Day 8’s prompt was my goals for this month and Day 9 is something I’m proud of recently. Since both of these are blog related I thought it would be great to combine them into one awesome-sauce post!

If you’re unfamiliar with my 30 Days of Me Challenge, it is a month of daily prompts so that you can get to know me better. Meet the girl behind the blog, of course, we won’t meet in person but I do want you to become familiar with me. Heck, let’s just be friends.

If you’re a blogger joining in and you’d like to take the 30 Days of Me challenge, just make your own 30 Days of Me graphic and write your first post. Make sure you link back to me on Day 1, so others know where you got the challenge, and leave me a comment with your post link so I can follow your journey also!

Join me for 30 Days of fun & interesting facts about me. Get to know the girl behind the blog!

June Goals

Since starting my blog I have been going full speed ahead. I mean working at it 50+ hours a week and more. This includes some late nights and a lack of cleaning (on my part) but I’m so happy to be doing this and enjoying something that I used to consider just a hobby that it doesn’t even feel like work. Well, usually. Some aspects are difficult, I’ll be honest. But I’m a natural born researcher and am constantly researching everything blogging (and everything else that catches my attention).

Having a goal is important, but it's what you do with it that counts.

my goals for this month

Get to know you more so I can help you as much as possible!

Nope, I’m not just here to talk about me. I really want to know how I can help you.Ask me anything and do me a favor and fill out this survey. This way I can give you what you want.


Create an easy to use editorial calendar.


Okay, I get it, if you’re not a blogger you probably are reading a bunch of jumble. I want to create a schedule for myself for every aspect of my blog so that I can save time and spend a little more time with my boys.


Double my email subscribers


Oh hey! That’s you! You can help me with that too, just share my teeny blog with your friends, sign up yourself at the bottom of this post or over on the side. 😉


Crush this 30 Day Challenge


I’m getting there. I slipped up a bit, but don’t worry I’m back now & I’m ready to rock it!


my most recent accomplishment

Okay, so I started this blog really on a whim. I had mulled over the idea for a couple of years and decided to just jump in and do it. This wasn’t easy, I’m a planner by nature and don’t do anything without an extensive plan. I started this with minimal knowledge of the blogging world and next to no coding/website building knowledge. But here I am,  in my second month and I am loving it!

I recently checked my page stats for my page views and I realized that for my first month I was able to get over 1,800 page views! I was so excited to see that. And I checked my views just for June (month 2 of my blogging journey) and on the 12th I’m already at over 1,200 views. It’s awesome and invigorating and just makes me realize that I just may have found my calling. Now that’s not saying that i’m quitting school and never getting a real job again in my life. I still have a passion for psychology and want to pursue that as far as I can. But it gives me more options for my future and I am so happy that you guys think that I have something worth reading.


Stick around and check out the rest of my 30 Days of Me posts and even some of my other stuff. Share and sign up for my weekly emails and get to know even more about me through the rest of the month.

P.S. If you become a subscriber you’ll get instant access to my printables library full of awesome resources (& more to come!).

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