30 Days of Me Day 7: She’s Inspired Me

30 Days of Me Day 7: She’s Inspired Me


Join me for 30 Days of fun & interesting facts about me. Get to know the girl behind the blog!

Thanks for coming back for Day 7 of my 30 Days of Me blog series. Wow, one week already. I’m surprised how difficult some of these prompts are. I’m doing this series so that my followers can get to know a bit more about me, plus it’s kind of fun to dig into myself a little more. We often forget who are when we become moms or start college or work, or all of the above.

If you’re a blogger joining in and you’d like to take the 30 Days of Me challenge, just make your own 30 Days of Me graphic and write your first post. Make sure you link back to me on Day 1, so others know where you got the challenge, and leave me a comment with your post link so I can follow your journey also!


The Push for my Advocacy

The single biggest killer of men worldwide under

The single biggest killer of men worldwide under the age of 45 is suicide. In 2014, 4,623 men took their life. That’s 12 men everyday, one man every 2 hours. 41% of people who contemplated suicide, felt they couldn’t talk about their feelings. It is time to let the world know it is okay to talk.

When I say that this woman has made the biggest impact on my life, I’m talking about my future. Her life, and what she spent her life doing, has given me the hope that I too can make an impact on Mental Health Awareness. I so desperately want people to be more aware of how the mind works, and how it can malfunction (to put it as lightly as possible).

When I discovered Project Semicolon, I had no idea who Amy Bleuel was, or what she stood for. But the movement that she created was everything I had wished I’d done with my life up until my discovering her.

If you don’t know who she is, or what Project Semicolon is, you should definitely read more about her and the project. After losing her father to suicide, she decided to start the project to raise awareness. She touched so many lives. I only wish I could be as influential as she was. I read all about here and thought “This woman is my hero, my idol. Why have I not heard of her up until now.” I mean as much as she battled herself, she still pushed forward with her project and with raising awareness.

I loved the fact that she was so open and honest about her own inner demons. She really is the reason that I began sharing my story. I wouldn’t have felt that it could make a difference until I found her.

P.S. If you’ve ever seen someone with a tattoo of a semicolon, it is because of Amy and her mission to erase the stigma and prevent suicide.

My project semicolon tattoo in memory of my father.



The day I found out that she had decided to end her battle, I wanted to break down and cry. It is the cruel truth though, no matter how much we can help and influence others, it doesn’t take away the things that we struggle with in the dark. I’m writing this right now, and I have tears coming to my eyes. It is so sad when someone you know (while I didn’t know her personally, I knew of her struggle and her passion for the mental health community) is in so much pain and there isn’t anything anyone can do to help them.

Amy battled for over 20 years and it is sad to say that the fight got the best of her. Her project and her legacy will never be lived down. She has touched so many people throughout the world and I am a huge supporter of Project Semicolon. Amy ended her battle in March of 2017, and I’d have to say that finding out about her passing was one of the saddest days of my life. I only wish that I had gotten the chance to meet her in person and have a conversation.


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