30 Days of Me Day 5: Somewhere I’ve Been

30 Days of Me Day 5: Somewhere I’ve Been

Join me for 30 Days of fun & interesting facts about me. Get to know the girl behind the blog!

Thanks for coming back for Day 5 of my 30 Days of Me blog series. I’m doing this series so that my followers can get to know a bit more about me, plus it’s kind of fun to dig into myself a little more. We often forget who are when we become moms or start college or work, or all of the above.

If you’re a blogger joining in and you’d like to take the 30 Days of Me challenge, just make your own 30 Days of Me graphic and write your first post. Make sure you link back to me on Day 1, so others know where you got the challenge, and leave me a comment with your post link so I can follow your journey also!

Somewhere I’ve Traveled To

I’ll be honest with you (not that I haven’t been up until this point), I have not had the chance to travel much throughout my life. My travels have all been local, but I’ve still had some great times. Travel is something we’re planning for the future and we have a lot planned to enjoy with our children. Memories are so much better for them than material things now. They won’t remember all of the toys/gifts they got, but they will remember all of the memories we created together, as a family.


My Favorite Trip So Far

Last year we took the boys camping for the first time. Well, it was their first time, not ours. We live in New York and if you’re familiar with the neighborhood at all there are quite a few camping spots you can venture to. But none, that I’ve found, are as kid-friendly as Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park in North Java, NY. No, they have no clue who Yogi Bear is, but they sure do love his park!

Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park in New York

I love it, it’s so much fun for all of us. They have a water park, a beach, a fishing lake and so much more. They do regular, daily, activities for the kids to enjoy and they even have family activities also. It isn’t one of those camping attractions that are too modernized, it really does feel like camping. But they have way more to do than sit in a tent and roast marshmallows. They have tent sites, camper sites, and a range of cabin rentals. We definitely plan on camping there every year until the kids outgrow the child-friendly atmosphere.

Jellystone Park's water park. Camping with a twist I'd say!

Jellystone Park's Fishing Pond


The kids (& us) had such a great time and we cannot wait to go back this August. But here are a few memories from our trip last year. We didn’t get a ton of pictures because we were just having too much fun to stop and snap them. The pictures just don’t do it justice.



Thank you so much for joining me again, it’s only day 5 but I think you’ve already learned so much about me. Day 6 is all about my favorite superhero. That’s going to be a tough one, maybe Aiden can write that one for me, haha. Don’t forget to subscribe for my newsletter to get weekly content updates AND access to my free printables library!

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