30 Days of Me Day 25: My Blog

30 Days of Me Day 25: My Blog

Happy Sunday everyone! I know I’m getting to my blog post a tad late. We spent the day out fishing all day (can you say sunburn!). If you’ve been following me for a while you should get the gist of what my challenge is all about. But if you haven’t, my #30DaysofMe Challenge is a way for you to get to know me a little better. I’m writing blog posts every day answering questions that give you more insight into who I am.

For Bloggers

If you’re a fellow blogger and are enjoying my challenge, feel free to join in! Just make sure you link back to my Day 1 post saying where you got the challenge! Plus, comment your first post in the comments so I can follow your 30 Day Challenge. I can’t wait to hear your story.

Join me for 30 Days of fun & interesting facts about me. Get to know the girl behind the blog!

What Will You Find On My Blog?

So today’s prompt is what would you find on my blog. This is a biggie. Especially for those of you who are just joining me! I’m glad you stopped by. There are many topics that I like to write about. The main topics, as you can see in my menu bar, are parenting, college, and mental health. But I’ll dig a little deeper so you really get an idea of what you’ll find if you click around a bit.

P.S. Please do click around a bit, answer some questions on some of my posts. Comment here and there, ask me anything! I’d love to answer some questions from you! Seriously.

Parenting Posts

On my blog, I like to write about different aspects of parenting. As a mom myself, I’m always trying to help other moms out. If I’ve learned a trick or two, I’m definitely going to share them with you. My absolute favorite parenting post, so far, is my Supercharged Summer Bucket List. Hint, hint, there’s an awesome printable with a list of 100 absolutely free summer activities. 

On top of trying to make mommyhood easier, I like to help you with managing your household. This means budgeting, cleaning, and whatever else comes with mommyhood. Parenting is hard, so it’s great to have someone willing to help you out a bit. If you’re looking for budgeting help, I also have a great post on that too! Head over to How to Budget for the Busy Mom and grab my budgeting sheet. It’s pretty and super helpful for developing a budget.

One last awesome parenting topic I’ll cover is meal planning. I’ll even post a recipe once in a while for you to add to your meal plan. We use meal planning to save money on groceries, and it works! It really does. I rarely cut coupons or deal shop, but we still save money every week. Check out more info here and yes, there’s another awesome printable you can use!

P.S. If you become one of my awesome subscribers you’ll get free access to all of my printables, with new ones added regularly!

College Posts

This one’s for you college mamas out there. I completely understand how difficult it is to trudge through mommyhood and college life. I’ve been in and out of college for the past 8 years. I have a certificate in Medical Office Management, an Associates in Psychology and I’m working on a second Associates in Substance Abuse Counseling. It is hard, but it is very possible.

There isn’t very much in this section, given the fact that I’m on summer break right now. But there’s a ton to come. Right now, if you want to get a jump on your semester planning you can sign-up and download my awesome Semester Planner for free. I’ve also given a couple of scholarship lists, including awesome scholarships just for women.

Keep your eyes open for more college-related blog posts as we get closer to the fall semester. 

Mental Health Posts

My mental health category is probably the dearest to me. I’m a huge advocate for mental health and mental illness issues. Ending the stigma is something I want to be a part of. If you haven’t read much about me, I battle Major Depressive Disorder as well as Moderate Anxiety daily. This is something I have been facing for a long time, and there are days I don’t have any control over them. Although my diagnoses are a part of me, I do not let them rule me.

I often will write about self-care and ways to manage symptoms. For you mamas battling as well, I even have some Silly Self-Care Activities to Enjoy with Your Kids. You can also subscribe (right at the top of the page) to my #6WeeksToHappy email challenge. As part of my challenge, you’ll receive one email each week that gives you one small activity that you can add to your day to increase happiness. Each activity only takes a few moments but will add so much to your life.

Lastly, I recommend checking out 5 Reasons You Need a Mental Health Day and download the Mental Health Tracker that I’ve included with it!


Thank You

Thanks again for joining me. I hope you got the most out of today’s post. Once again, I’d love for you to ask any questions you have. I promise I’ll answer them!


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