30 Days of Me Day 22 & 23: I Really Am Different (+ my top craving)

30 Days of Me Day 22 & 23: I Really Am Different (+ my top craving)

Hey again loves! We’re down to the wire now! Is everyone ready for July? I know I’m not, but here goes nothing. You’ve heard that schpeel (no idea how that is spelled for real) about being uniquely you and whatnot. We’re all supposedly so different from one another. But when you sit and ask yourself why are you different I bet you struggle to answer it. Don’t you? Well, that’s exactly what the prompt is for day 22 of the challenge.

What is the challenge you ask? It’s my #30DaysofMe Challenge. You can start from the beginning here or jump around. 🙂 This series is a way for you, my followers, to get to know me a little better. You can also participate on your blog. Start your series with a link back here and post a link here in the comments once you publish. You can also use the hashtag #30DaysofMe on Social Media so I can see what you’re up to.

Join me for 30 Days of fun & interesting facts about me. Get to know the girl behind the blog!

what makes me different

Wow, that’s a loaded question I feel like. To be honest, this is tough for me. I struggle to look at me and see anything that would stand out to anyone. But I’m going to give it a good ole’ college try. 😉 like what I did there, haha. I really am sitting here staring at the screen wondering what is worth mentioning about myself. You would think after 23 days of this series it would be easier to open up to myself.

A few things that I find unique about myself:

I have a serious love of learning. Like dead serious. I buy loads of non-fiction books about topics that interest me. Not that I have time to read them all, I just have to have all of the knowledge. Yes, I know that’s like impossible.

I’m always willing to do anything to help other people. If I can’t answer a question or find a solution. I will look it up until I do find it. I don’t care about the amount of time it takes, I truly just want to help.

Here’s an odd one. I’d love to be a girly-girl but I have no idea how. I like to fix my own car and always have, it’s definitely cheaper and fits right into my love of learning.

my most craved food

Pretzels!! It’s an addiction. I like all kinds of pretzels, haha. It’s definitely an odd craving. I never turn down a good pretzel. My favorite is probably soft pretzels with melted cheese. They just pair so well together.


What makes you different? How do you stand out in a crowd? Comment now & let me know!


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Feeling unique can be difficult when you're surrounded by people with the same interests. What makes you different?

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