30 Days of Me Day 15: My Music Shuffle

30 Days of Me Day 15: My Music Shuffle

Heyo! I’m loving the prompt for today’s 30 Days of Me Challenge! I’m about to give you a glimpse into my favorite music. I love music from (almost) any genre and I often find bands that aren’t commonly known. Today you get to see what I listen to when I hit shuffle on my Spotify library! I can’t wait to see what comes on once I hit that shuffle button!

Up For A Game? Let’s Play!

Let’s play a game, what songs do you think are on my playlist? Take a wild guess, put it in the comments, and then see if you’re right! Who knows, you may give me my new favorite jam, or at least some new music to add to my Spotify library. 😉Join me for 30 Days of fun & interesting facts about me. Get to know the girl behind the blog!

If you don’t know what my 30 Days of Me Challenge is, it’s a way for you (yes, you) to get to know more about me. It’s pretty fun and sometimes a little tough. If you’re a blogger, you can take on the challenge and link back to my Day 1 post. Once you start the challenge, comment and give me your link so I can follow your journey!

Let’s Shuffle the Music!

That was actually really fun. Every time I open Spotify I hit shuffle play on my saved songs. Well, that is if I don’t have a specific artist in mind to listen to. I love the variety I have and it’s interesting not knowing what song is up next. Although Spotify does have an option to see, I never check it out.

Oh hey, if you want to see more of the music I like to listen to you should check out 30 Days of Me Day 10! On day 10 I talked about the different kinds of music I like to listen to depending on the mood I’m in. 

Let's get the comments rolling, what music comes on when you hit shuffle?

Let’s get the conversation & sharing started! I’d love to hear from you. Put your Spotify, iTunes, whatever, on shuffle and give me the first 2 songs that come up! I can’t wait to hear the music you like.

I love my music and I hope you will too. These are some of the pieces of my heart because music is life.

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