7 20-Minute Meals For the Overwhelmed Mama

7 20-Minute Meals For the Overwhelmed Mama

Around here, school starts up in less than a month. That is less than a month for us to get our schedule back in order. And to top it off, this mama starts school only 4 days after the littles. My evenings will be a big, crazy mess! That is a guarantee. Meal planning is one of the few things that save my sanity each semester. Which is why I decided to pull together some amazing and delicious 20-minute meals to make the back-to-school meal planning much easier.

Why I Stick With 20-Minute Meals

20-minute meals allow me enough time to get the littles settled after school, homework done, my bag packed and ready to go, and still give them a real home-cooked meal.

On those super busy school nights, I just don’t have time for anything more than a 20-minute meal. And let’s be honest, going through the drive-thru can take just as long as cooking food for yourself some days.

I love trying new recipes and flavors. When I struggle to think of meals by myself I head over to Pinterest of course for some great recipes. I’ve rounded up 7 meals you can whip up in 20 minutes. Now you can feed your family fast, no matter how strapped for time you are. And without sparing taste!


Cut Grocery Costs with Meal Planning

Budgeting for the Busy Mom

On those super busy school nights, I just don't have time for anything more than 20-minute meals. And let's be honest, going through the drive-thru can take just as long as cooking food for yourself some days.

7 20-Minute Meals To Keep Your Family Happy In A Flash


I love using chicken! It is such a versatile meat and there are plenty of options for new creations. This Skillet Monterey Chicken is delicious, and of course, it’s super quick to make.


Yum to shrimp. Unfortunately, I have to save this recipe for when it’s just the littles and I home for dinner as the bf doesn’t like seafood of any kind. But this Honey Garlic Shrimp is to die for and can even make an excellent and light lunch option.


Again with the seafood. Salmon is such a healthy option for dinner and this Honey Garlic Salmon is a delicious option for a fast and healthy meal. If you can’t tell, I like garlic.


Pork tenderloin is a delicious and tender meat option that also gives you quite a bit of freedom in the flavoring department. I love this Honey Balsamic Pork Tenderloin recipe because it’s fast and so, so tasty.


Quick meals don’t have to consist of hot dogs and mac-n-cheese. Try out this 20-minute Chicken Caprese in your next meal option. Pair it with some pan-fried garlic spaghetti and you’re ready to enjoy a great meal in minimal time.

This one pan meal is as yummy as it is gorgeous. I love fajitas and I love pasta, so this Chicken Fajita Pasta is definitely one that I had to try. Not to mention you have the ability to throw a healthy meal on the table in under a half-hour.

In the mood for a little Italian? I know I always am. To finish up the weekly meal plan, enjoy this 20-Minute Tuscan Chicken with Penne and enjoy the bold flavors, and how fast you can throw this meal together.


What 20-Minute Meals Do Your Family Enjoy?

Leave a link in the comments! I love trying new recipes.

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