These Halloween crafts are a great way to spend some time bonding with the kids while making memories, and adorable decorations to adorn your home with.

10 Awesome Halloween Crafts to Do with the Kids This Weekend

It is that time of year again. The leaves are changing and will soon be falling. And best of all, Halloween will be here before you know it. So as you prepare yourself for this holiday season, it’s always a great idea to incorporate some fun themed activities to do with the kids. These Halloween crafts are a great way to spend some time bonding with the kids while making memories, and adorable decorations to adorn your home with.

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These Halloween crafts are a great way to spend some time bonding with the kids while making memories, and adorable decorations to adorn your home with.


Don’t worry too much mama’s, these crafts are easy to do for kids of different ages. And they only require common craft items. Nothing too out of the ordinary here. No one wants to plan for a craft day and then find out that they cannot find all of the items they need to complete it.


To get to the craft directions, just click the title of the craft. You’ll be directed to the page that has all of the instructions laid out for you.


So let’s get this craft train rolling!


1. Goulish Ghost Garland

Ghost garland


This one is too cute not to throw together with the kiddos and hang in your front windows. Great for bringing some Halloween spirit to your house.


2. Fun Paper Ghosts



I just love the way these cute ghosts look. You can easily hang these from ceilings or ceiling fans for some Halloween fun. And having the kiddos cut them out helps with their hand-eye coordination!


3. Paper Ball Bats


Cute Paper Ball Bat Craft


These can easily be made into a garland, using the same garland method as the ghost garland, or you can hang them as is from your ceiling.


4. Glitter Spiderweb & PomPom Spider


Halloween Decoration: Sparkly Spiderweb & Spider~ Buggy and Buddy


This is something I would have never thought of doing myself! I love the creativity and how easy it is to create this adorable decoration. This would look great hanging in a window. The kids can get super creative with how their spiderweb looks and it makes for a great addition to your Halloween decor.


5. Painted Leaf Ghosts


FUN KID PROJECT: Make ghost leaves. (BOO-tiful Fall craft for kids)


This ghostly craft has the possibility to create a day of fun. Spend some time outdoors, maybe on nature trails, hunting for the best leaves. And then come inside to warm up and turn your leaves into ghost buddies.


6. Craft Stick Spiderwebs


Make these super cute craft stick spiderwebs with the kids for Halloween! These make a great craft project for classroom parties or for a family fun night!


These are super easy to make with kids of all ages and can be hung all over your house to add some Halloween flair for the fall season. The best part is you only need a couple of supplies to be able to make a whole bunch of spiderwebs.


7. Monster Can Bowling


Halloween Tin Can Crafts - Mummy - Super fun Halloween Party Activity - Halloween Tin Can Bowling! Make your own Halloween Characters from Frankenstein, to Zombies, Black Ctas and our favourite - the Mummy! #Halloween #Halloweenparty #halloweenpartygames #halloweenpartyactivities #tincan #recycling


This is a fun craft, a fun game, and a recycling project all wrapped into one activity. This is sure to get the kids into the Halloween mood. All you need is some paint, a few craft supplies, and some cans.


8. Popsicle Stick Haunted House



This adorable little haunted house can be proudly displayed on a mantel or shelf in your home. Giving your kids the power to decorate it how they’d like will surely keep them interested for some time. You don’t need much more than paint, popsicle sticks and paper for this fun craft. You can even make all of the little decorations out of paper instead of buying small halloween decorations for it.


9. Halloween Salt Dough Garland


Halloween Decorations for Kids to make


I love salt dough crafts because it gives you something you can cherish for a long time and it is easy enough for the kids to do on their own. Made with common household items, the salt dough is easy to make and safe for kids. Paired with some pretty festive ribbon and you’ve got yourself a string of garland you can use over and over again.


10. Clay Ghost Tealights


How to Make a Clay Ghost Tealight


This one will need only two items. Some clay and some flameless tealights. These are great because they’re small and can be displayed throughout your house to add some ghostly fun to each room in your house.


I hope you enjoyed my craft round up. Let me know how your crafting fun goes with the kiddos. I’d also love to hear if you’ve found any other crafts that are great for the Halloween season.

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